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Customer Interaction Management


VK Technologies Customers today use many channels to communicate —email, phone, chat, and web. And they may use different channels to communicate with different organizations within your company—email to respond to a marketing campaign or survey, web to ask a service question, phone to purchase a product from your call center. Still, they expect a unified, quality brand experience regardless of the channel they use. These interactions must be consistent and tailored to the customer needs, based on the segment of the customer, the service required and the used channel. VK Technologies provides voice and non-voice customer support services in multiple languages for variety of functions including customer care, sales and technical support, inquiry and billing services.

VK Technologies customer interaction management solution ensures that you make the most out of every conversation to provide a single unified view into all customer interactions, regardless of how and when they communicate with you. Even if the customer uses a wide array of your company’s products and services through different groups across your enterprise, our phone and multi-channel customer interaction management solution presents it all in one record so your front line employees have a unified customer view, and your customers get a unified brand experience.

VK Technologies has extensive experience in efficiently delivering inbound and outbound customer support services for B2C and B2B markets across the globe. We have a qualified pool of technical writers, creative writers, graphic designers and technical engineers who understand the client requirements and provide high quality custom documentation.

In today’s competitive environment everyone requires to ensure that the customer has a consistent experience across interactions and channels, giving him a clear sense of brand value and differentiation.